4 Problems with “Raw Till 4”

Raw Till 4 is a “lifestyle” plan that was designed by Adelaide born Youtuber and blogger, Freelee the Banana Girl. As you can probably guess from the name, on this diet you eat “only raw fruits and greens till 4pm then follow with a high carb, low-fat cooked vegan dinner”.

The idea is based on the theory that the food we eat contains natural enzymes that help us digest food, and when we cook the food we destroy these natural enzymes and therefore our bodies cannot access to nutrients contained within. 

But is this really the case? 

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“Should I Buy Organic?”

The word “organic” can be plastered across anything these days and it will sell! Just yesterday I walked past a stand in WH Smith selling “organic” underwear…I then walked up to the counter and was greeted by different types of “organic” chocolate bars.

Now this is by no means a new phenomenon, but I was still left wondering: “is organic really the superior choice, or just another marketing ploy?”. 

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The “Detox” Myth

When I hear the word detox, I think of lemon water, green juices, “skinny-me tea” and the hundreds of Instagram’s that these products have been splashed across. The toned, tanned, healthy looking bodies really sell the idea that these things really work! 

But just how safe and effective are these products? 

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The Dangers of #cleaneating

The whole idea of clean eating would be pretty harmless if it was mostly about eating fresh food and being more restrained when it comes to highly processed foods. In a time when Australia is facing an obesity epidemic (63% of Australian adults are overweight or obese), it hardly seems as though a dedication to a healthy diet could be a negative thing. But by categorising food as being either “clean” or “unclean”, we are entering into murky and undefined waters.
Have we underestimated the huge impact language has on our relationship with food? 
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Is there anything Super about Superfoods?

Labelling something a ‘SUPERFOOD’ is marketing genius!

A couple of years ago, we barely talked about superfoods, and now we’ve all been sucked into sprinkling Chia Seeds onto our cereals while sipping on Acai smoothies and munching on Kale Chips.

But just what exactly is a Superfood, and is there anything super about them? 

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“Fruit Has Too Much Sugar”

There is no denying that the abuse of sugar is a major issue in our modern western diet. In particular sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) such as soft drink and cordials have led to excess consumption of sugar which is linked to Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and numerous dental issues…so you can understand why any health conscious person would be tempted to cut it out all together!

But is “sugar-free” really the answer? 

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Coconut Oil: Superfood or Superfad?

Coconut Oil seems to be the superfood of the moment! Celebrities and wellness bloggers alike claim that its their number one beauty secret. But is it they really the nutritional goldmine it is being marketed as, or just another diet FAD?

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